New Customer Support Hours

Our customer support hours have recently been extended to better serve our customers!

ScreenScape Customer Support is happy to provide assistance during the following hours:

Monday – Thursday 7:00AM to 8:00PM Eastern
Friday 7:00AM to 5:00PM Eastern

Don’t forget you can also visit our support site for helpful articles or our YouTube Channel for videos.


ScreenScape Connect – live event

Introducing ScreenScape Connect – Webinar Wednesdays.

ScreenScape Connect
ScreenScape Connect is the result of a happy marriage of software from ScreenScape and commercial-grade hardware from Dell that together have been optimized from the ground up for a single purpose – to quickly connect your screen to the ScreenScape network and turn it into a simple yet versatile digital sign. Register now for a live 30 minute event held every Wednesday, hosted by our VP, Sales & Marketing – Mark Binns, and get any questions answered you might have about ScreenScape Connect.

Register for a live event now

You can register even if you can not attend and we will send you the link to the recorded video. Please feel free to forward this invitation to a colleague or someone you know who may like to attend.

3 and 5 Digit Dollar Templates

There are several new retail/menu templates in the Get Started collection.  They are similar to the retail/menu templates already in that collection that support 2 digit dollar amounts (Silvius, Gower, Cicero, Orlando, Maria, Angus); however, these new templates support 3 digit dollar amounts.  The new template names are Dillingham, Fairbanks, Galena, Gustavus, Haines.

Dillingham  Fairbanks  Galena
Gustavus  Haines

Also, we released a new template named Palmer that supports 5 digit dollar amounts

Additional Options for 5x and 7x Images

There are several new 3-panel templates in the Get Started collection.  We currently have 3-panel templates that support 3x images; however, these new templates support 5x and 7x images.  There are options for both 4:3 and 16:9 images.

Kodiak  McGrath

Nikiski  Nome

Introducing 5 City Weather

There’s a new weather template in the Get Started collection named Sitka.  We have several full screen weather templates for the various weather forecast types (i.e. current conditions, detailed, extended).  Sitka displays the current conditions forecast for 5 cities all in a single view.


Join me at Dell’s PTDM IT Summit 2015


Thanks to Dell Canada for a Wonderful event

Wow what a time we had! Thanks to our partners Dell Canada for the warm hospitality and the thought provoking, inspiring discourse which pervaded the entire event.

If you are a Dell customer looking to learn more about ScreenScape Connect here’s a good place to start.


Now online: Watch this recorded copy of Dell Canada President Kevin Peesker’s main stage conversation with ScreenScape Founder, Mark Hemphill.


New Social Media collection

One of the more popular uses of digital signage is to promote audience engagement on social media. So it’s no surprise that one of the more frequent requests we hear from our members is “more social media templates!”.

Social Media collection 2

Social Media collection

Today, ScreenScape is releasing a new collection of social media themed templates, available immediately to all members. The usual suspects are all represented: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Google+.

These templates will give content creators a head start on creating social media themed content, with simple fill-in-the-blank options for customizing to their social handles, brand and message.

You’ll find the new collection under ‘Social Media’, whenever you create new content on ScreenScape.

Dell Wyse Cloud Connect Delivering Results as Digital Signage Media Player

Dell logoTo succeed in the technology business you need to have good partners. Since being introduced to the Dell Wyse Cloud Connect back in 2013 when it was still called Project Ophelia we have enjoyed a productive and mutually beneficial partnership with the great team at Dell. Dell is known widely as one of the world’s leading computer hardware vendors and as a trusted name in delivering enterprise technology solutions. As much as we love their hardware, having worked with various Dell teams across North America, including the Wyse team in Santa Clara, California, the Cloud Client Computing Group in Round Rock, the Dell Canada team here in Canada, and many others along the way, I can honestly say it’s the people of Dell and their commitment to this solution that have been the most impressive aspect of the partnership.

Today Dell Canada released a statement about their partnership with ScreenScape. It profiles our joint solution, which we call ScreenScape Connect, and highlights two leading customers; Source for Sports and Murphy’s Pharmacies. My favorite line in the entire article is: “[This innovative technology] makes the management of digital signage easy and cost-effective for businesses of all sizes, allowing them to reduce deployment costs while addressing the need for secure tamper-proof hardware and software.” That pretty much sums it up right there.

Thank you Dell for being a great partner! The right technology solution for digital signage requires a happy marriage of hardware and software and we’re glad that we found you. Thanks for doing such a great job with Cloud Connect. Thanks for embracing our high standards in the areas of security, scalability, and ease-of-use and for working with us to tailor the solution for the needs of the professional digital signage industry.


For those of you discovering us for the first time, Dell Wyse Cloud Connect is a pocket-sized device that plugs into the MHL/HDMI-port of a television or other screen to display digital content in Full HD. Organizations can update, manage and monitor their devices through to deliver localized content to specific retail outlets. Non-technical retail store managers can set up the system quickly, easily and affordably to achieve professional-looking, on-screen promotional material in their store that can be changed or updated at the touch of a button.

Read the full Dell announcement here.

Case Studies

Read a Dell Case Study about Murphy’s Pharmacies or Source for Sports.

Solution Brief

For a general overview download this Solution Brief.