Dell Wyse Cloud Connect Delivering Results as Digital Signage Media Player

Dell logoTo succeed in the technology business you need to have good partners. Since being introduced to the Dell Wyse Cloud Connect back in 2013 when it was still called Project Ophelia we have enjoyed a productive and mutually beneficial partnership with the great team at Dell. Dell is known widely as one of the world’s leading computer hardware vendors and as a trusted name in delivering enterprise technology solutions. As much as we love their hardware, having worked with various Dell teams across North America, including the Wyse team in Santa Clara, California, the Cloud Client Computing Group in Round Rock, the Dell Canada team here in Canada, and many others along the way, I can honestly say it’s the people of Dell and their commitment to this solution that have been the most impressive aspect of the partnership.

Today Dell Canada released a statement about their partnership with ScreenScape. It profiles our joint solution, which we call ScreenScape Connect, and highlights two leading customers; Source for Sports and Murphy’s Pharmacies. My favorite line in the entire article is: “[This innovative technology] makes the management of digital signage easy and cost-effective for businesses of all sizes, allowing them to reduce deployment costs while addressing the need for secure tamper-proof hardware and software.” That pretty much sums it up right there.

Thank you Dell for being a great partner! The right technology solution for digital signage requires a happy marriage of hardware and software and we’re glad that we found you. Thanks for doing such a great job with Cloud Connect. Thanks for embracing our high standards in the areas of security, scalability, and ease-of-use and for working with us to tailor the solution for the needs of the professional digital signage industry.


For those of you discovering us for the first time, Dell Wyse Cloud Connect is a pocket-sized device that plugs into the MHL/HDMI-port of a television or other screen to display digital content in Full HD. Organizations can update, manage and monitor their devices through to deliver localized content to specific retail outlets. Non-technical retail store managers can set up the system quickly, easily and affordably to achieve professional-looking, on-screen promotional material in their store that can be changed or updated at the touch of a button.

Read the full Dell announcement here.

Case Studies

Read a Dell Case Study about Murphy’s Pharmacies or Source for Sports.

Solution Brief

For a general overview download this Solution Brief.

Dell Case Study – Murphy’s Pharmacies

Prescription for success

Murphy’s Pharmacies easily shares health information and increases sales with instore digital signage solution powered by ScreenScape and Wyse Cloud Connect.

When patients get new medical prescriptions at Murphy’s Pharmacies locations, they usually have a brief wait between the time their order is placed and the time it’s filled. But the growing retail pharmacy chain, which has 11 locations in Prince Edward Island, Canada, doesn’t see that as a problem. Instead, the company views it as an opportunity to educate people and promote health and wellness.

The solution delivers digital content to waiting area screens. Murphy’s Pharmacies chose ScreenScape, a leading cloud-based software solution, to distribute digital signage content to screens mounted strategically within a place of business. The ScreenScape solution uses Wyse Cloud Connect, a compact device that is plugged into the HDMI/MHL port of a television or other screen to display content in full HD. Organizations can also update, manage and monitor the solution through the ScreenScape website at

“When we advertise sale products on our in-store screens, people definitely notice and we’ve seen higher sales in those pharmacies.”

- Heather Maclean, Sales & Marketing Manager, Murphy’s Pharmacies

Read more about the Dell Case Study here.

Murphy’s Pharmacies initially implemented Wyse Cloud Connect devices in five of its pharmacy locations, displaying point-of-sale marketing content on screens in prescription waiting areas. The company also implemented the solution in two of its walk-in medical clinics, for patients waiting for medical appointments. Another screen powered by ScreenScape and Wyse Cloud Connect is featured in the organization’s multipurpose community center. Now, patients waiting for prescriptions or appointments can view the latest healthcare news, advertisements for products on sale in the front of the pharmacy, and information on local charities and upcoming wellness events.

ScreenScape Connect – live event

Introducing ScreenScape Connect – Webinar Wednesdays.

ScreenScape Connect
ScreenScape Connect is the result of a happy marriage of software from ScreenScape and commercial-grade hardware from Dell that together have been optimized from the ground up for a single purpose – to quickly connect your screen to the ScreenScape network and turn it into a simple yet versatile digital sign. Register now for a live 30 minute event held every Wednesday, hosted by our VP, Sales & Marketing – Mark Binns, and get any questions answered you might have about ScreenScape Connect.

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Introducing ScreenScape Connect, hosted by Mark Binns

Here’s a very quick primer for any business looking to engage audiences inside a place of business.

ScreenScape Connect is the name of a new device-oriented solution developed by ScreenScape in partnership with Dell that turns any TV into a dynamic digital sign. By dramatically lowering the costs and the complexity around the technology ScreenScape Connect has made digital signage easy for businesses of any size, on any budget.

Learn more about ScreenScape Connect, or get started today.

Dell Case Study – Source for Sports

A plug-and-play win in digital signage

Source For Sports helps stores across Canada deliver an easily deployed, customizable digital signage solution powered by ScreenScape and Dell Wyse Cloud Connect.

“Each one of our stores is independently owned by people that live, work and play in the local community,” says Paul La Vigne, the company’s director of marketing. “Every store is unique.” While that uniqueness is a strength for the company, it can also be a big challenge when it comes to deploying corporate marketing or sales initiatives across all 156 stores. “Our stores are not cookie-cutter layouts, so it can be difficult for us to drive marketing messages down to the local level,” La Vigne says.

The organization decided to address the issue a few years ago by introducing their store owners to a digital sign solution from ScreenScape Networks, a company that provides an online service for delivering marketing content to in-store screens. But adoption was neither rapid nor widespread, because the solution required each Source For Sports owner to purchase, set up and manage a television connected to a computer. “The cost was part of it,” says La Vigne. “It was challenging for the stores to purchase a stand-alone computer and a TV, and then hook it all up. And as far as management was concerned, it was overwhelming for a small local store. Our store owners are retailers, not technical specialists.”

Company searches for an easy-to deploy solution

Plug-and-play device transforms in-store displays Source For Sports re engaged with ScreenScape after learning about Wyse Cloud Connect, and a new collaboration between ScreenScape and Dell to optimize the device for digital signage applications. Wyse Cloud Connect is a pocket-size device that plugs into the back of any television or display screen with an HDMI port. The device essentially turns any TV into a digital sign with full HD-display capabilities, and it can be updated, managed and monitored over the internet via ScreenScape software, through

“We looked at a few other solutions, but they weren’t as cost-effective and not nearly as easy to use as Wyse Cloud Connect,” says La Vigne. “And the fact that a large, well-respected brand like Dell was part of this made our decision that much easier.”

Read more about the Dell Case Study here.

With the Wyse Cloud Connect device, Source For Sports store managers can easily transform smart TVs into digital signs in their stores, providing streaming content such as information about sales on sports equipment and local community events. Currently, 50 Source For Sports stores are using the solution, with the remaining stores slated to have the devices in the near future.

Open online event: Discover ScreenScape Connect

ScreenScape Connect brings Plug and Play to Digital Signage

Here’s your invitation to join Jordan Chandler on Wednesday October 15, 2014 at 2 pm Eastern for a live web event about ScreenScape and how you can quickly and easily create a stunning digital display using ScreenScape Connect.

This 30 minute presentation is an introduction to ScreenScape Connect, an exciting new initiative from ScreenScape. Jordan will help you learn how to leverage ScreenScape to increase revenue at your place of business and beyond.

Even if you are unable to attend the live event, please feel free to register to receive the recorded version. This event is now over.

ScreenScape University with Kevin Dwyer

Watch and learn as ScreenScape President and CSO, Kevin Dwyer, explains how businesses collaborate using ScreenScape.

Using real world examples Kevin illustrates how Venues can share content with one another, how Groups aggregate Venues to form networks for large scale place-based marketing, and how Content Memberships are used to onboard suppliers and community partners so they too can participate in the process.

The three membership types give shape and structure to the ScreenScape eco-system, allowing industry partners to play their natural role in the retail marketing process.

Do yourself a favour and listen closely. No one explains it better than Kevin!

ScreenScape live demonstration

5 Ways to Lift Sales using ScreenScape:

Join us for a live demonstration of ScreenScape. Here’s your invitation to join Jordan Chandler, on Wednesday July 9th, 2014 at 2 pm Eastern for a live web event about ScreenScape and how you can quickly and easily create a stunning digital display. This 20 minute presentation will take a glance at some real life examples of organizations using ScreenScape. Jordan will help you learn how to leverage ScreenScape to increase revenue at your place of business and beyond.

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